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IRT3000 135/2023

Industry 5.0 logically needs 5G

Modern technology is leading us to an intelligent world. This time there will be no talk about artificial intelligence. I will save this topic for a future editorial, as I am just getting to know it well. However, I have been fascinated by the speed and scope of the development of digital technologies for decades. These have significantly influenced, influence and will influence the development of the global economy, cultures, society and environment.

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IRT3000 134/2023

We need engineers. And Energy.

A slightly different view of the energy sources that drive the economy and the world.. and their related problems. Last year breakthrough achievements in the field of space exploration, commercial aviation and energy dominated in engineering. But what awaits us this year? After discussions with mechanical engineers, most of their predictions can be concentrated on two fields - energy and transportation. If Slovenia were a military power, we could also talk about defense industry, which will be in the forefront in countries that dominates this field.

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IRT3000 133/2023

It will get worse before it gets better

We hear this kind of messages everywhere. But is such pessimism justified? The year 2020 was shocking for many people. After some historic ups and downs due to the coronavirus pandemic, we all expect a relief. We all expected, that the greatest fall of economic growth in history would be followed by a strong recovery. But what actually grew were the prices and accordingly inflations. There was no mention of fabulous economic growth and last year's result can be compared to those of the most boring years, sorry, I mean stable years.

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