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IRT3000 111/2021

New robotic coworkers

Have you ever described a co-worker who works diligently, extremely accurately, rarely smiles and does not express emotions or let himself be distracted, as a robot? Well, in the future, there will be more and more robots as your co-workers. Cobots. A report by the International Robotics Association (World Robotics 2020 Industrial Report) states that a record 2.7 million industrial robots are already operating worldwide.

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IRT3000 110/2021

Industry 5.0 is already knocking on the door

New year, new industry someone could say. Although most companies have not even implemented the Industry 4.0 concept in practice, they face a new challenge. Yes, you guessed it, Industry 5.0. And unlike the world of business software, where the new version usually brings some fixes to the old version and (possibly) some new functionality, the industry knows different leaps when it comes to development. These leaps are to say the least of evolutionary nature, if not a whole revolution itself. The next phase of industrialization is certainly ahead of us. What does it bring us?


IRT3000 109/2021

Are you ready for 2021?

Almost everyone with whom we cooperated last year asked me, what I expect in 2021. In short: I expect another unusual year, a different year from those we were used to in the last decade. It is already clear for companies, that they will need to fight for each and every customer, not just with the competition, but also with the insidious virus.

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