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IRT3000 99/2020

Are robots coming to take our jobs?

People from all walks of life often ask me where our world is heading to. There is no straightforward or single answer to the question. I am far from being a visionary or far-sighted, and I am certainly no oracle, so I can only anticipate, like a layman but using logic, what awaits around the corner in the years to come. Not only in the industrial sector, but in a wider sense. The industry often offers a good picture of what lies ahead in other areas. There is little room for error in the industry, almost none, and things either work or you are out of business in a flash.

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IRT3000 98/2020

It is coronavirus a good business?

The answer is yes and no. If you ask the Chinese, it is not just a health, but also an economic disaster. But even those, who believe that will earn more on the account of problems in China, didn’t think on the long term. Effects of pandemics are always negative for everyone.

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IRT3000 97/2020

Industry supports the World 
Silence in production floor is never a good sign. Although the first week of the year is relatively quiet, this doesn't stand for industry. Machine tools in industry must work efficiently and be busy as much as possible. Otherwise there is a crisis. Literally. Not only for a single craftsman shop or company, but for the whole nation.

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