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IRT3000 131-132/2022

The world is lacking … talents and skills

There are many things out of balance in the world. But more than a possible lack of food, energy or money, our future may be affected by a lack of skills and talent. If you've (ever) thought about your career, then you've probably wondered if a robot could do your job. Maybe one day it really will? Could this happen sooner than you think? Articles about what and how well robots already do are scary for most people. People are quick to get scared - robots will "steal" our jobs. Editorial 131-132.pdf

IRT3000 130/2022

When you are stopped by … energy Does the title sound contradictory? Well, because it is, but today we can already hear thoughts that some economic activities will (at least partially) stop in the winter if the prices of energy products are too high or the stocks of energy products are too low and the priority will be household heating. Editorial 130.pdf  

IRT3000 129/2022

A weak Euro is a big problem I am not an economist, but for me it is crystal clear that a weak euro doesn’t do us any good. What shall we do? The European common currency, the euro, is losing ground since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, at least in comparison with other world currencies, especially the dollar. Before Russia attacked Ukraine, we got 1.15 dollars for one euro, what is somehow also an average over several years or ratio between the two currencies. Well, in July, the value of the euro slipped below the one-dollar value - the first time in decades. Why is euro decreasing

IRT3000 127-128/2022

How to get your business in a higher gear?

Are you already fed up with analogies from the automotive world? Never mind, here is another one. Actually, there are many of them. End of August is usually the end of school holidays and also the end of holidays for most of people employed in companies. This means, that businesses will speed up again. And unfortunately, in many cases there will be troubles, since the »relaxed« employees aren’t 100 percent focused, while those that have to deal with capricious elementary school children are focused even less. On the other

IRT3000 126/2022

As long as you have a pulse, you are alive

This is how the algorithms of smart watches and bracelets work, and doctors could joke with a similar sentence in pub debates. Jokes aside, the pulse of Slovenian industry is a key factor for the whole nation. Despite who and which manner governs us, how strong the ground shake and what falls or does not fall from the sky, the industry dictates the health of the whole economy. Without a successful economy, there are no substantial tax income, which is used to develop the non-economic part of society. Editorial- 126.pdf

IRT3000 125/2022

On the verge of an (ugly) recession? All indicators predict a new recession. We can’t avoid it, but we can prepare for it. You certainly noticed how all the prices are rising. Fuel, electricity, food, clothing, cars, real estates, all sorts of materials, in short everything. It's a vicious circle, where certain price increase, like for energy sources, triggers a wave of price increases throughout the chain, since product has to be delivered to the store shelves or customers. Without government measures to regulate fuel prices, their price would very likely double by the time you read

IRT3000 124/2022

The importance of being fit Being fit doesn’t refers only to athletes. This is very important also for the industry and for the economy as well. Spring is the time when nature and with it also people and animals revive. We move more, we are more active and the conversation more frequently addresses physical fitness and even how we will look in swimwear this summer. There is actually nothing wrong with that. It's even commendable. We realized, that we are behind in some areas and that we must improve. We must improve our physical fitness, we must put ourself in shape. Something similar

IRT3000 123/2022

The real cost of war Every war has casualties. If for a moment, we take away the lost of human lives, we quickly figure out, that each war has also serious economic costs as a consequence, like infrastructure damage, reduction of active working population, inflation, shortages, uncertainty, raising of debts and disturbances of normal economic activities. And this don’t happen only in countries that are at war. Editorial-123.pdf

IRT3000 122/2022

Time for (radical) changes What will come up this year? The coronavirus pandemics proved us, that the world can almost change overnight. The business world is not exception. Neither industry. What will 2022 bring? Nobody really knows. However, I believe that radical changes that we have been experiencing in the last two years are not over yet. Editorial 122.pdf

IRT3000 121/2022

Female engineers in the Presidential palace The fourth selection of the Female engineer of the year 2021 took place in the Presidential palace, what shows an increasing awareness of the importance of top professionals in society. The fact that this year female engineer of the year nominees were addressed by the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Borut Pahor, who is the honorary patron of the project 'We Will be Engineers!' and covers the contest for the Female engineer of the year is not a surprise. The President invited also all winners from previous years.  Editorial 121.pdf

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