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IRT3000Adria 43/2018

At the very end of finalizing this issue, FINA has just awarded the Golden Balance Awards, and the macroeconomic data from that award are very significant. Namely, in total revenues among Croatian companies last year, the leaders were retail and wholesale trade shops, accounting for a total of 25% of all corporate income in 2017. Energy companies (including those selling fuel and gas) followed with 18%, then banks and other financiers, and behind them dealers and repairers of vehicles, telecoms and post offices, construction, traffic, tourism...


IRT3000Adria 42/2018

Hrvatska je doživjela hladni tuš iz Bruxellesa – Europska komisija u analizi ekonomskog i socijalnog stanja članica EU navela je da je Hrvatska ostvarila ograničen napredak u provedbi prošlogodišnjih preporuka Komisije, ali strukturne reforme nisu napredovale.

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