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Mapal Focuses on Fluid Technology

Napovednik- 121-122_Image_30In addition to drive systems and components, fluid technology is one of the most important supplier sectors for all industrial production. Going forward, MAPAL will manage this important area as an independent market segment. For many years, customers have relied on the expertise of the tool manufacturer for demanding machining operations for hydraulic parts. However, as a solution provider, the tool manufacturer also has concepts for the cost-optimised manufacturing of the whole product.

Fully automatic and safe support structure removal for work pieces with the finest detail drawing

Napovednik- 121-122_Image_32The compact post processing solution, developed in cooperation with AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology, enables the fully automatic removal of support structures without compromising the high level of detail and colour nuance of the 3D parts.

  • Modular systems: An investment that pays off
  • Machining carbide with PCD solid head milling cutters
  • New horizons for quality and process reliability
  • 3D Tape Winding Head successfully commissioned
  • Doosan Robotics Wins Honoree at CES 2022 Innovation Awards for its Camera Robot System
  • Sany factory certified as the world's first Lighthouse factory in heavy machinery industry



Optimisation of POM injection moulding with Flash DSC method

Napovednik- 121-122_Image_31This contribution presents the optimisation of Polyoxymethylene (POM) injection moulding with the use of Flash DSC method and results comparison with a practical case of injection moulding of gears by means of observing the influence of cooling time and mould temperature on the degree of crystallinity.

Formnext 2021 with a host of innovations and world premieres in the additive manufacturing process chain

Napovednik- 121-122_Image_33After the on-line event in 2020, Formnext 2021 was successfully back as a live event. More than 600 exhibitors presented itself to the visitors at this event. Formnext 2021 showcased an unprecedented variety of industrial applications for additive manufacturing, including architecture, automotive industry, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology, furniture, sport ware and wind power energy.

  • Ongoing recycling whit Wittmann shredders
  • The new PPA Amodel for high-voltage motors
  • Control of cooling fluid trough the mould as the base of a good product
  • Aluminium powder for additive manufacturing
  • MELD technology, which will be used by the US Army
  • Additive manufacturing of forming tools for Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHHS) and Press Hardened Steel (PHS)



Slovenia in 2021 on the 13th place according to the Digital Economy and Society Index DESI

Napovednik- 121-122_Image_36The European Comission published the results of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) for EU member states in 2021, which follows the progress of EU member states on key areas such as human capital. connectivity. integration of digital technologies and digital public services.

Use of dedicated or universal hydraulic oils

Napovednik- 121-122_Image_34Hydraulic oil must provide two main functions: energy transfer and lubrication. Beside that it must prevent foaming and, forming air bubbles, has to be thermically, oxidatively and hydrolytically stable, it must have good anti-wear properties, good filterability and demulsifiability, must have good corrosion protection and stable viscosity, and provide adequate lubricating film thickness.

  • Hackers Association is committed to the security of open-source software
  • Promoting the development of European space technology
  • Record growth in the ICT and computer market this year
  • Junior school of lubrication
  • Novelties in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production

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