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  November - December 2022



EDM control system: Smooth surface finish and connectivity included

5With a wire machine it is all about producing sharp radii and smooth surfaces, especially on the interior of ejector pin holes. For mould maker BM Injection, that is exactly what the U32j from Makino has produced right from the start due to a combination of rigid machine design, thermal stability and the Hyper-i control.

Automotive Trim Developments acquires two new EOS M 290 industrial 3D printers for component innovation

0Embracing additive manufacturing for the first time at its production facility, Automotive Trim Developments (ADT) and EOS Additive Minds, upskill staff and install new turnkey solution for high-end automotive component manufacture.

  • Greatest filter performance in the smallest installation space
  • Expanding capacity before reaching capacity
  • Interplay of machine, tool and CAM strategy
  • What is Supply Chain Management? Definition, Example & Objectives!
  • Manufacturing of Electric Cars - Will Everything Change?
  • Complete machining of parts for vehicle transmissions



Trends in the development of electric car panels

6Until now, internal combustion engines required ventilation slots in the front part of the car. Panels are not anymore just functional components of cars. With new design options, new functionalities and demands for autonomous drive, the complexity of panels increase, leading to the use of non-conventional materials and technologies in panels manufacturing.

Weldability of high-strength low-alloy structural steels

2Weldability describes material behaviour during and after welding. Properties of the welded joint depends on the welded steel and its chemical composition, welding process and welding conditions, type of weld in the welded structure and used filler material during welding. This contribution presents the properties of welded joints on S690QL1 and S1100QL steels. Both steels belong to the so-called group of high-strength low-alloy structural steels, that users weld in structures in improved conditions.

  • Novelties from K trade fair
  • Arburg – assembly in 2K tools
  • Reduced consumption with IMAGOxt from Wittmann
  • Overlay welding corrosion resistant layer on tubes inner wall
  • Safran opens Safran Additive Manufacturing Campus
  • Rivelin Robotics among winners of the Formnext Start-up Challenge



Siemens commissions one of Germany’s largest green hydrogen generation plants

7One of Germany’s largest green hydrogen generation plants has been planned digitally and commissioned by Siemens, demonstrating the key role hydrogen can play in Germany’s energy future. Up to 1,350 tons of green hydrogen can now be generated annually from renewable solar and wind power in the Wunsiedel Energy Park. Hydrogen is generated by an electrolyzer – with a total capacity of 8.75 megawatts – from Siemens Energy’s latest and most powerful product line.

Problems in using fire resistant hydraulic fluids

3There are four standard classes of fire resistant hydraulic fluids, namely oil-water emulsions (HFA), water-oil emulsions (HFB), water-based polymer fluids or glycol (HFC) and phosphate esters (HFD). From the maintenance and availability point of view, none of the above mentioned fluid is ideal. For instance, phosphate esters are very aggressive fluids, that are not compatible with most of sealing materials, paints, polymers and even some metals.

  • Finland accelerates battery recycling
  • Unusual superconductivity in twisted trilayer graphene
  • Digital solutions for a greener Europe
  • Junior school of lubrication
  • Novelties in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production

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