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January 2019 February 2019

Toolmaking and machine building

Production and logistics

The Swiss company Carbomill opted for the Hermle C 42 U

NajavaZa85-1Carbomill AG, for processing composite materials, components for motorsport, structural components for the aviation industry and toolmaking, increased its service offering and flexibility with the new Hermle C 42 U machining center. With the installation of a new 5-axis machining center, the company offers to its customers complete high quality processing of complex products.

Effective production monitoring thanks to strain sensors by Kistler

NajavaZa86-1Piezoelectric strain sensors from Kistler safeguard machines against overload and help to achieve precise monitoring of the strain on tools in production sectors such as punching, forming and joining technology. Simple installation and wide measuring ranges make these sensors ideal for retrofitting on existing plants.

  • Okuma is the winner of the "Good Factory Award"
  • Application of additive technologies for making tools
  • Golf club made with a combination of separation and addition technology
  • The ETH Hyperloop project uses innovative Stäubli connectors
  • Increasing investment in automation is essential for packaging companies
  • FANUC introduced a new cobot


Joining, materials and technologies

The young shall inherit the earth – Orodjarstvo Knific

NajavaZa85-2Orodjarstvo Knific has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. In all these years, the company had ups and downs, and most impressive is the fact that due to premature death in the family, the management of the company was taken over by Žiga Tomas Kogoj, at the age of 21. The whole company with all employees over night became dependent on young and inexperienced young man.

World news in the field of additive technologies premiered at Formnext 2018

NajavaZa86-2Formnext 2018 has set records in numerous areas and has contributed to the dynamics of the entire industry with numerous premieres. Formnext is the world's leading fair in the field of additive technologies and supporting industries. The fair was visited by almost 27,000 visitors and managers, and last year's enviable results exceeded this time by as much as 25 percent.

  • Infrared rotary drum from Kreyenborg for PET processing
  • New Sabic PP copolymer
  • Hot runner system for stack moulds with needle valve HRS
  • Voestalpine Bohler Welding presented a series of additional materials for overlay wire welding
  • ExOne introduced a new system for additive technologies
  • Optomec demonstrated simultaneous 5-axis hybrid metal printing

Modern technologies

Maintenance and technical diagnostics:

SEER – simulative emotional expression robot

NajavaZa85-3-5Japanese researcher Takayuki Todo has created an animatronic humanoid robot that generates gaze and emotional facial expressions to improve animativity, lifelikeness, and impresssiveness by the integrated design of modeling, mechanism, materials, and computing.

Monitoring of wearability of hydraulic components and replacement before cancellation

NajavaZa86-3In the next issue of the IRT3000, we will present how to maintain hydraulic systems with control of the operation and settings of the components that protect the system. This can also be called the initial tuning of the hydraulic system. In the paper, we will first present the influence of inadequately calibrated safety elements on the life-time of hydraulic components.

  • DARPA has allocated $ 2 billion to the third wave of artificial intelligence technology
  • The leading role of Europe in agricultural robotics
  • 3D scanning and measurement with FARO devices
  • News in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Basic lubrication school
  • Methods of cleaning in production



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