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Strong signal for Dortmund: KHS invests €20 million in site modernization

4The KHS Group has invested €20 million in modernizing its headquarters on Juchostraße in Dortmund, Germany. In a bundle of measures underway since 2015 the company has built a huge, approximately 4,300-m2 production shop and fully renovated another.

Multi-functional miracle in practice

ZNP123C_Image_4Over the following pages, we reveal the secrets of Jihlavan's success. With its decision to acquire the M30 MILLTURN multi-function machine, the manufacturer of hydraulic systems for aerospace and agricultural applications has laid a new cornerstone for the company.

  • Paper not film: ecofriendly packaging system
  • Trends in robotics that require miniature motors
  • Automated rapid clamping system that continuously monitors clamping point and production process 
  • Machining deep bores without vibration using indexable inserts
  • Klingelnberg wins "Best of Industry Award" for the second time
  • Shining 3D is significantly expanding its presence in Europe 



Markforged Metal X allows 3D-printing of as much as eight metal materials

5Markfored announced that on the Metal X machine it will be soon possible to print as much as eight metal materials. Currently it is possible to manufacture parts from stainless steel 17-4 PH, tool steel for work in hot H13, tool steels A2 and D2, Inconel 625 and Copper. Soon it will be available also for austenitic stainless steel 316L and titanium allow Ti6Al4V.

How to manage injection moulding using virgin, recycled and shredded material

ZNP123C_Image_3Customer requirements for using recycled materials in injection moulding of thermoplastic components are increasingly more frequent, because they want to produce environmentally friendly products at reduced costs. When producing parts in different colours, painting of materials with masterbatch or holcobatch, can also reduce production costs. Beside shredded materials, which normally came as technological scrap form production, there are several recycled materials available on the market in different qualities.

  • Strategies of re-using metal powders
  • Laser welding with hot wire is an adaptable process for different materials and applications
  • Nanosecond pulse fiber lasers: adaptive solution for surface cleaning and treatment
  • Inductive proximity switch Meusburger
  • New TPE Monprene fulfils the requirements for drinkable water
  • Wear control of ENGEL extruders



The customer shall pay attention to the secrets of repairs and replacement of hydraulic components

6In the next issue of the IRT3000 magazine we will present how all hydraulic components have its lifetime and therefore need maintenance and replacement. The basics of repairing hydraulic components will be presented as well.

New generation of electric vehicles with lightweight composite materials

ZNP123C_Image_2Transition to electric vehicles encourages automotive manufacturer and suppliers to adopt new technologies and workflows to increase the performance and reduce the environmental impact in the industry. Swedish research institute RISE upgrades experience from space industry. Using composite materials made of fiber reinforced plastic polymers will drastically reduce the weight of electric vehiclels.

  • Junior school of lubrication
  • Novelties in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production
  • Festival Ars Electronica 2020
  • Finish telecommunication giant Nokia is leading in setting the standards for 5G technology
  • Plug&play digital solution for analysing events in workshops



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