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Toolmaking and machine-building

Production and logistics

Dynamic production machine with a floor area of 4.2 m²

Najava1Despite a small floor area, machining center DMP 70 manufactured by DMG MORI has a large machining area, which makes it ideal for expanding the production machine park. Due to the thermosimetric construction of the machine and the concept of cooling, it has exceptional thermal stability. The machine offers a quick replacement of the cutting tool from the tool storage in only 1.5 s. High precision machining is provided by a direct absolute measuring system.

Convenient clamping by magnet

NajavaZa90-1The electrically activated permanent magnetic clamping technology is considered an insider tip when it comes to reducing set-up time and low-deformation clamping of workpieces. With a bit of design finesse, even large-sized components can be clamped without distortion in a matter of seconds and machined from all five sides.

  • Modern tools made with additive manufacturing
  • High-speed 5-axis machining center for tool making
  • Silent turning, digital connection system
  • The participants were operating the collaborative palletiser
  • Mini industrial camera uEye XS is back in the spotlight


Joining, materials and technologies

Proper preparation of the granulate is the basis for a good product

najava2In the production of processing thermoplastics, one of the important steps in manufacturing of the product is the correct preparation of the granulate. In recent years, the share of recyclates has been increasing - minced plastics that need to be processed properly for reuse. The method of drying, temperature and drying time play an important role in the preparation of granules of hydrostatic materials. In recycling, however, it all depends on the way we came to it.

Germany’s Bremer Institut is developing an arc welding additive manufacturing process for use in the aerospace industry

NajavaZa90-2Bremer Institut and Gefertec company are working on research and development of wire arc welding based additive manufacturing technology for the production of large structural components for applications in the aerospace industry. The research is being carried out as part of REGIS, a collaborative project bringing together a number of partners from the aerospace industry, machine manufacturers and other research institutions.The goal of the research is to ensure homogeneous material properties in the production of components made of titanium and aluminium alloys.

  • New Nordson Recycled PET Filters
  • New gravimetric dispenser Coperion K3-PH
  • New biodegradable mixtures FKuR
  • News from the trade fair Techtextil and Texprocess 2019
  • Fiera Milano presents »Made in Steel« international trade fair
  • TOPTIG welding process

Advanced technologies

Maintenance and technical diagnostics

European industry ready for a technological race

Najava3European business systems are increasingly aware of the importance of investment in research, development and innovation. In the mentioned areas of business, in 2017, they increased their investments by 5.5 percent compared to the previous year. For the growth of business investment in the European Union, the most important sectors are the automotive industry, the health sector and the information and communication technology sector.

Finding the causes of hydraulic systems failures

NajavaZa90-3In the next issue of the IRT3000, it will be presented how to find the cause for the failure of the hydraulic system or its component. In this paper, the main criteria for failure detection will be presented. We will try to link the key theory of the operation of hydraulic devices with its use in practice. The synergy of knowledge most often helps to correct the failure.

  • Recapitalization of the largest start-up company of artificial intelligence
  • Silicon Valley is too small for Google
  • Modern construction has already been digitized
  • Basic lubrication school
  • News in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Modern construction has already been digitized



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