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Najava1.jpgThe trend in conventional handling and assembly solutions ranges from robots to energy efficient and cost-optimal systems. It often happens that conventional robot solutions for many applications are simply too big and often offer more features and levels of freedom than there would be really needed.

Najava_77_1MAPAL offers a UNIBASE-M tool box for optimum storage and  management of tools, components and accessories. With the  emphasis on ease of use, the system is configured in accordance with customer requirements. This applies to all new versions of the system.
  • Lightweight chuck allows minimal acceleration and braking times
  • Installation and bonding of plastic parts
  • Machine vision ensures the production of aluminium containers without any errors
  • New solutions for measuring the geometry of pipes and wires
  • Speed and accuracy when capturing the cloud of 3D points
  • EMUGE Enorm-Z taps are suitable for a multitude of long-chipping materials.



Najava2.jpgKUKA robots are able to detect the environment, but now they can see it in 3D. Roboception start-up company in Hanover introduced the first 3D-sensor technology, allowing flexible, intelligent, three-dimensional object recognition. Robot KUKA, equipped with a 3D sensor, can take various products from shelves and put them in boxes, just like a shopping assistant. Najava_77_2With the introduction of LED technology, the requirements for the precision of semi-finished products with optical functions in the lamps have increased dramatically. In the development phase, optical measurements must be performed for each lamp, which must meet the legal requirements and have them through the entire lifetime of the product. The statutory values of the luminous values must be met by all the manufactured products, therefore a robust and stable injection molding process is crucial.
  • Simufact Additive - Simulation of deformations in 3D welding and effects on the base plate
  • Laser welding becomes "green" Gefertec's 3DMP technology allows you to reduce the cost of 3D welding process
  • Micro-injection molding of IR lenses
  • Launch of projects for sustainable materials in Skazi
  • Using 3D scanning and reverse engineered to prototype tools for motorcycle covers
  • New barrier thermoplastic PBT



Najava3.jpgIn the next issue of IRT3000 there will be presented recommendations for determining the appropriate temperature range of the hydraulic fluid. Recommendations will be presented on how to prevent damage to the hydraulic system due to excessive temperatures and how to detect the indicators of the (too high) temperature of the hydraulic fluid in due time. Najava_77_3The Group for Ethics and Science of New Technologies at the European Commission has published guidelines on the launch of a global, internationally recognized ethical and legal framework for the design, manufacture, use and management of artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous systems.
  • Basic lubrication school
  • Methods of cleaning in production
  • Control of technical cleanliness
  • IBM develops machine learning algorithms with PCM memory
  • Biomaterials in the aviation industry brought together European and Chinese researchers
  • HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solutions


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