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Open to new ideas

Napovednik 133-134_Image_1Hohner Maschinenbau feels at home in the world of complexity and precision. So why not expand this know-how and erect another business pillar as a subcontractor? Thanks to two robot-automated 5-axis machining centres from Hermle, the German machine manufacturer is optimistic about taking this decisive step forward.

Efficient processing of battery trays with a robotised system

Napovednik 133-134_Image_3If a milling cutter is guided by a robot, the machining is fundamentally more unstable than on a machining centre. To reliably ensure the shortest cycle times in industrial production in this instance, KADIA is using MAPAL’s FlyCutter with three cutting edges in a newly developed system with three robots for deburring battery trays for electric vehicles.

  • Toolmaking event in South Africa: All Africa Expo ISTMA 2023
  • Quick-change milling head system reduces costs and increases versatility
  • The new S100: the perfect machine for the entry-level segment
  • Micro 3D Printing: Enabling Miniaturization
  • 3D printer was the highlight at Bauma, the world’s largest construction exhibition
  • A new NXG XII 600E with extended 1.5m z-axis is coming to market



System for the control of injection moulding process

Napovednik 133-134_Image_2The development of pressure sensor for injection moulding of plastic materials is based on a piezo-crystal sensor, charge amplifier, FPGA driven DAQ devices and a cloud solution for data analyse and visualisation. The proposed solution will help companies in the field of plastic processing to overcome the gap between the new generation of sustainable industrial standards and quality.

Prefabrication of welded tube assemblies

Napovednik 133-134_Image_4This article presents the results of mechanized welding of tube assemblies in combination with TIG and MIG/MAG welding process on a dedicated rotary welding RSWM 65/40. Comparing to manual welding, the combined mechanized welding enables significantly improved productivity, reproductivity of weld quality and better geometric characteristics of root run.

  • Microorganisms contribute to higher sustainability at BASF
  • Temperature control unit HASCO Primezone H1281
  • KraussMaffei: 20 years of experience in direct compounding
  • Sintertek launches its compact metal Binder Jetting machine Sinterjet M60
  • State-of-the-art overview of selective melting with electron beam
  • Reduced flange width in resistance spot welding with use of eccentric electrode geometries.



Scientists from Singapore process waste paper in battery components for smartphones and electric vehicles

Napovednik 133-134_Image_20Scientists from NTU Singapore have developed a technique to convert waste paper, from single-use packaging and bags, and cardboard boxes, into a crucial component of lithium-ion batteries. Through a process called carbonisation which converts paper into pure carbon, the NTU researchers turned the paper’s fibres into electrodes.

Recommendations for appropriate selection of hydraulic fluid

Napovednik 133-134_Image_5In choosing the appropriate hydraulic fluid for hydraulic systems, suitable kinematic viscosity has to be selected. In most cases, this will be mineral hydraulic oil with a selection of zinc based anti-wear additives. It the application due to a broad temperature range requires a universal multigrade oil and high performance and productivity is important, it is recommended to use oils with high viscosity index, that that has shear stability for use in a hydraulic system.

  • A simpler path to better computer vision
  • Innovation radar 2022 award
  • Time lens on a chip creates ultrafast impulses
  • Women's involvement in inventive activities
  • Junior school of lubrication
  • Novelties in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production

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