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Wide range of PGN plus-P products bring advantages

irt3000 slo 98 web 150dpi"No matter what kind of robotic automation we plan and implement for our customers, we always found what they need in SCHUNK’s PGN-plus-P portfolio, when we look for a suitable gripper. And if something doesn’t came as standard, our contact person at SCHUNK helps us to develop adapted solution" explains Thomas Imme from HandlingTech Automations-Systeme GmbH.

Milling from solid: high performance in aluminium and steel

IRT3000 slo 99 Mapal is expanding its portfolio in the area of high-performance milling cutters in the OptiMill family for aluminium and steel machining. The full potential of new, powerful machines can be used with the new OptiMill-SPM milling cutters "Rough" and "Finish". They exploit their strengths especially during the machining of structural parts made of aluminium. The OptiMill-Uni-Wave is the tool of choice if the issue is full slot milling with a groove depth up to 2xD in different materials. 

  • Testing before standards
  • Trade fair VISION 2020 – experience machine vision first hand through history
  • 3D printing using RobotStudio software for faster digital production
  • Collaboration, customer portals and Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Kaiser builds on success in 2019 by investing in new production capacity for 2020
  • Multitasking theory



ABB RobotStudio with addition for 3D printing

irt3000 slo 98 web 150dpiABB RobotStudio enables simulation and offline programming of robots. The last version of the software includes an addition for 3D printing, that offers fast programming of 3D printing process with ABB robots. This allows 3D printing using welding, 3D printing of concrete or 3D printing of polymers.

All about extruders for plastification (part 2) 

IRT3000 slo 99 This paper will focus on the question, what has to be taken into account in designing the machine for plastification and injection moulding. The definition of the basic unit for plastification and injection moulding concept is a prerequisite for the next step, the selection of the extruder. In the next issue we will explain in details the development of new geometry for the extruder.

Limiting factors in developing new extruder geometry are loads material that is processed and loads on machines, such pressure, temperature, dosing torque, etc.

  • Schoeller Werk during manufacturing of stainless steel welded tubes relies on EWM equipment
  • TIPTIG used in SpaceX manufacturing
  • Boeing 777x made its first flight with over 600 3D printed components
  • Fire retardant halogen-free mix for electronics based on recycled plastics
  • Coated ABS for medical application
  • New colours for high-temperature thermosets used in injection moulding of connectors



Troubleshooting in close circuit hydrostatic drives – Part 2

irt3000 slo 98 web 150dpi

In the next issue of IRT3000 Magazine, we will continue with advises how to solve issues in close circuit hydrostatic drives. Main focus will be on cavitation and its consequences in close circuits. Then we will continue with an overview of causes and consequences of high temperatures in hydraulic liquids. At the end, we will take a look on the causes that slow down the speed of mobile machines with hydrostatic drives.

Prospects for encouraging of innovations and technologies

slika 3EU member states adopted a strategic innovation program, that defines priority areas and strategy of the European institute for innovation and technology (EIT) for the period 2021 - 2027. Defined goals, key activities, operational principles, expected results and required resources are aligned towards the strengthen of innovation ecosystems, that requires a combination of expertise, infrastructure and talent. Incentives in connecting education business and research with focus on entrepreneur talent and innovation skills are available.

  • Junior school of lubrication
  • Novelties in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production
  • Empowerment of female digital and business potential
  • Creation of European partnership for hydrogen
  • Cyber security in remote operations




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