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February 2019 March 2019

Production and logistics

Toolmaking and machine-building

Effective production monitoring thanks to strain sensors by Kistler

NajavaZa86-1Piezoelectric strain sensors from Kistler safeguard machines against overload and help to achieve precise monitoring of the strain on tools in production sectors such as punching, forming and joining technology. Simple installation and wide measuring ranges make these sensors ideal for retrofitting on existing plants.

The third exhibition Molding expo will start soon

NajavaZa87-1The most important representatives of the tool industry and all those who are in any way connected with this sector will be re-presented at the Molding expo, which will be held at the trade fair in Stuttgart from 21 to 24 May 2019. From 21 to 23 May, Automation show also took place at the fairground, so that at one moment you can see two very important trade shows for the industry.

  • The ETH Hyperloop project uses innovative Stäubli connectors
  • Increasing investment in automation is essential for packaging companies
  • FANUC introduced a new cobot
  • 3D Print technology Windform changes car design
  • Use of adding technologies for tool making
  • Measurements of tools with Hexagon equipment

Joining, materials and technologies


World news in the field of additive technologies premiered at Formnext 2018

NajavaZa86-2Formnext 2018 has set records in numerous areas and has contributed to the dynamics of the entire industry with numerous premieres. Formnext is the world's leading fair in the field of additive technologies and supporting industries. The fair was visited by almost 27,000 visitors and managers, and last year's enviable results exceeded this time by as much as 25 percent.

The opposite engraving of the injection mold

NajavaZa87-2Shrinkage and deformation have been for many years a true nightmare for every toolmaker who is in the process of producing a tool for injection molding. In recent years, along with the technology and machine tools, as well as the processing power of controllers and computers, approaches to tool making are increasingly changing. When there is a large deformation of the product after the ejection and can not be reduced by the technological parameters on the injection machine, we start manufacturing the opposite form of engraving tools.

  • Voestalpine Bohler Welding presented a series of additional materials for overlay wire welding
  • ExOne introduced a new system for additive technologies
  • Optomec demonstrated simultaneous 5-axis hybrid metal printing
  • New PC-based mixes from Covestra
  • New electric injection machine Krauss-Maffei for work at the University of Duisburg
  • Function SmartRemoval reduces injection machine congestion by 10%

Maintenance and technical diagnostics

Advanced technologies

Monitoring of wearability of hydraulic components and replacement before cancellation

NajavaZa86-3In the next issue of the IRT3000, we will present how to maintain hydraulic systems with control of the operation and settings of the components that protect the system. This can also be called the initial tuning of the hydraulic system. In the paper, we will first present the influence of inadequately calibrated safety elements on the life-time of hydraulic components.

Made in Europe

NajavaZa87-3The European Commission has adopted a coordination plan for artificial intelligence activities of the "Made in Europe" brand. They identified a number of common measures to increase investment, more data available, talent promotion and providing confidence in artificial intelligence. The objective of the coordinated plan is to ensure the complementarity and integration of actions at national and EU level.

  • News in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Basic lubrication school
  • Methods of cleaning in production
  • Fast and independent acquisition of new robot skills
  • Renewable sources have become the main source of energy in Germany
  • A year of advanced threats



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