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  June 2022



Titanium Machining Takes Off

Najava 59_Image_5There are numerous applications waiting for new titanium machining tools from MAPAL. In medical technology, this workpiece material is used for implants because of its strength and compatibility with human tissue. Automotive manufacturers use it to create powerful sports cars. The blades of large gas turbines, made of titanium, absorb enormous forces. 

Blast cleaning of springs prior to coating

Najava 59_Image_2Shot blasting is the most common pre-treatment technology to prepare the surface of technical springs for subsequent coating operations. In a newly established manufacturing line for compression springs this cleaning operation takes place in a Rösler tumble belt blast machine. Within short cycle times the custom-engineered RMBC 4.2-HD produces surfaces that are perfectly prepared for the subsequent coating operation. 

  • Small quick change-over interface
  • Future is even more complex
  • Sintavia Places an order of two NXG XII 600s from SLM Solutions
  • Energy-efficient production of weight-optimized oval PET bottles
  • Change of date: POWTECH to be held from 27 to 29 September 2022
  • Complex robot applications simply implemented



Techniplas and KraussMaffei are developing the new MXW 1000 ColorForm system

Najava 59_Image_6ColorForm technology has a great potential to reduce carbon footprint of the production of multifunctional surface components. The technology has once again demonstrated its benefits at Techniplas, a renowned supplier of precision plastic components to the automotive and plumbing industries. At their plant in Saxony, a KraussMaffei MXW 1000 ColorForm system is in operation for the serial production of parts with transparent surfaces.

The international industrial fair in Celje will cover also welding and cutting

Najava 59_Image_3During the International industrial fair in Celje a trade fair for welding and cutting will also take place. The trade fair will host several equipment suppliers and service providers from the field of welding and cutting. There will be a comprehensive accompanying programme as well. Among other events, a Welding technology day will take place on April 6 with numerous presentations and latest development on the field of joining and material cutting technologies.

  • K 2022 trade fair from 19th to 26th October 2022
  • New shredder G-Max9
  • Meusburger’s spring novelties
  • Integration of WAAM in Siemens NX CAM Software
  • Cavitar’s welding camera
  • Pulse arc welding of battery contactd for vehicle electrification



MIT engineers created light material stronger than steel

Najava 59_Image_7The new substance is the result of an achievement considered to be impossible: polymerizing a material in two dimensions. It is stronger than steel and as light as plastic, and can be easily manufactured in large quantities. The new material is a two-dimensional polymer that self-assembles into sheets, and could be used as a lightweight, durable coating for car parts or cell phones, or as a building material for bridges or other structures.

Problems when using universal engine oils and different additives

Najava 59_Image_4Universal engine oil works satisfactory also as hydraulic oil. If universal engine oil is used as hydraulic oil just because of its high viscosity index (VI) and accordingly stable kinematic viscosity regardless of temperature changes, then it is not the right solution. Everything is related to additives, which rise the viscosity index. These additives are relatively large molecules, which do not thicken the oil at low temperatures and form long molecular chains at higher temperatures, which in turn increases the kinematic viscosity of the oil.

  • Combining artificial intelligence with images in atomic scale for better batteries
  • Improved recycling of batteries in electric vehicles
  • New European Battery Academy to upskill 800.000 workers in the battery sector
  • Basic lubrication school
  • News in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production



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