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  December 2022



Laser metal deposition: automated AM repairs expensive parts

1At the recent Reform workshop, which was part of the Chiron Group's 2022 Open House event − the automation of LMD repair processes took centre stage. This groundbreaking technology is now available in the UK from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG), and for manufacturers that implement it, they can save time, costs and act extremely sustainably.

Grinding experts set focus on automation and digitalisation

4The new home of grinding technology, Grinding Hub, celebrated its premiere in Stuttgart in May 2022. More than 370 well-known manufacturers from 23 countries presented numerous innovations across the entire grinding technology process chain − with a clear trend towards automation and digitalisation.

  • New grinding machine S36 by Studer
  • A stable trend towards automation in the metal cutting industry
  • Flexible and unmanned production
  • Perfect surface finishes for prosthetic and orthotic components from Ottobock
  • The future of parts cleaning
  • Virtual Line Under Complexity with LiDAR-based Vehicle Guidance



K 2022

2Messe Düsseldorf will open its doors in October once again to the fair for plastics and rubber K 2022. The exhibition spaces are fully occupied and more than 3,000 exhibitors from all over the world will present themselves at the fair. Trends in the plastics industry have been changing rapidly in recent years. This time the focus will be on sustainability, circular economy, environmental protection and digitization.

Development of friction stir welding technology for the manufacturing of heat exchanger from 5083 aluminium alloy

5In the manufacturing of heat exchangers, semi-finished products made of aluminium alloys are often used, produced by die-casting, which need to be connected and ensure a sealed connection. Welding die-cast aluminium alloys is very demanding, because lubricants and air pockets are trapped in the castings, which make welding and making tight joints difficult. Friction stir welding is a technology that enables successful joining of die-cast components.

  • PIM components for the automotive sector
  • Fully automated line for the manufacturing of sanitary seals
  • New granulate ULTEM™ 3473
  • Laser welding on the field − time and cost saving
  • Markforged acquired Digital Metal
  • Major European automotive company added two SLM AM machines to its production line.



Engineers build LEGO-like artificial intelligence chip

3MIT engineers have designed an artificial intelligence chip with the possibility of reshaping. The design comprises alternating layers of sensing and processing elements with the ability to communicate with each other. The new design is stackable and reconfigurable, for swapping out and building on existing sensors and neural network processors. It is a step toward that modular vision with a LEGO-like design for a stackable, reconfigurable artificial intelligence chip. 

ABB appoints ATS Global to advance its ABB Ability Data Center Automation business

6ABB has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with ATS Global to extend the reach of the ABB Ability Data Center Automation (DCA) business. The Netherlands-headquartered company has become a Global System Integrator (GIS) and will work with ABB to combine expertise and resources, testing the advantages and effectiveness of potential collaborations for data center customers and growing their respective businesses.

  • Microsoft actively accelerates the development of autonomous flight
  • Algorithm developed at TU/e was chosen as new standard for the protection against quantum threats
  • Research from Sweden in the field of energetics helps encourage the use of heat pumps in the USA
  • Piher Sensing Systems potentiometers
  • Components for the manufacturing of alarm systems and sensors
  • Modern solution for energy storage



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