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Toolmaking and machine building:

New capabilities in tool management


MAPAL offers a UNIBASE-M toolbox for optimum storage and management of tools, components and accessories. With the emphasis on ease of use, the system is configured in accordance with customer requirements. This applies to all new system versions.

  • New solutions for measuring the geometry of pipes and wires
  • Speed and accuracy when capturing the cloud of 3D points
  • EMUGE Enorm-Z taps are suitable for a multitude of long-chipping materials



Production and logistics:

AUTOMATICA 2018: Smart automation and industrial robotics


"In the coming years, industrial automation will be affected mainly by two things: digitization of the production process and cooperation between man and robot," explains Henrik A. Schunk, CEO of SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG from Lauffen am Neckar, referring to the AUTOMATICA 2018 fair.


  • Haddington Dynamics and VIVA Cobotics bring human skills to microcosmos
  • Compact propulsion units for agile ship fleet
  • Laser processing solution




Optimization and control of the injection moulding process of decorative optical semi-finished products


With the introduction of LED technology, the requirements for the precision of semi-finished products with optical functions in the lamps have increased dramatically. In the development phase, optical measurements must be performed for each lamp, which must meet the legal requirements and have them through the entire lifetime of the product. The statutory values of the luminous values must be met by all the manufactured products, therefore a robust and stable injection molding process is crucial.


  • Micro-injection molding of IR lenses
  • Launch of projects for sustainable materials in Skaza
  • Using 3D scanning and reverse engineered to prototype tools for motorcycle covers
  • New barrier thermoplastic PBT


Maintenance and technical diagnostics:

Demag's lift with four lifting chains


In the future number of the IRT3000 ADRIA, a novelty in the field of lifts will be presented. The German company Demag has developed and introduced a new lift with four lifting chains, which allows it to be used in a wide range of applications. It is possible to lift and transport it simultaneously at the same time. The LDC-Q lift model is suitable for loads up to 3.2 t, which can be safely and very effectively transported around the room.

  • School of maintenance of hydraulics
  • Small school of lubrication
  • Methods of cleaning in production


Modern technologies:

Europe sets the legal and ethical framework for advanced technologies


The Group for Ethics and Science of New Technologies at the European Commission has published guidelines on the launch of a global, internationally recognized ethical and legal framework for the design, manufacture, use and management of artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous systems.

  • IBM develops machine learning algorithms with PCM memory
  • Biomaterials in the aviation industry brought together European and Chinese researchers
  • HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solutions


Joining, materials and technologies:

News in Laser Welding with Fiber Lasers


New technologies pave the way for new fusion/joining technologies. Welding with fiber lasers expands the possibilities of using lasers in the field of joining different materials. Innovation in laser technology and beam management components are winning in traditional challenges such as copper welding, welding of different materials with each other, welding of thin films or joining of products with larger slots. Fiber lasers are available in a wider range of laser characteristics, wavelengths, power and pulse duration.


  • H.C. Starck offered niobium C-103 alloy for the production of rockets and reactive propulsion components
  • In short, the laser welding of polymers
  • Blue high-power lasers come into the industry




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