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Toolmaking and machine building:

Diamond-coated insert grades for drilling aluminium

Najava42_1In order to overcome the challenges of chip formation and evacuation when drilling non-ferrous metals, cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant has unveiled its CoroDrill® 880 CVD diamond-coated insert grades. The super-hard properties of the diamond coating provide long tool life and combine with innovative chip breaker and geometry designs to guarantee superior performance when drilling materials such as aluminum.

  • Repeatable accuracy of Hermle machines
  • Hexagon System Integration Team
  • LANXESS improves the quality and durability of coolant and lubrication liquids


Production and logistics:

Combined gripping and rotating with 24 volts

Najava42_4SCHUNK is continuing to expand its 24 V modular system for assembly automation. Soon, the world's most compact electrical gripper swivel unit, the SCHUNK EGS, will also be available in size 40, and thereby parts weighing up to 0.55 kg can now be handled and rotated in extremely compact spaces. A coupling of the gripping and swivel gears, patented by SCHUNK, enables continuous rotation of the gripper without electrical feed-through.

  • System integration
  • netTAP 50 – low-cost gateway for industrial automation
  • Atlas Copco powers BLOODHOUND SSC project towards finishing line



News in the field of thermoplastic granulates

Najava42_2In addition to the appropriate machine equipment, it is also important to know new materials for the successful development of development departments. The state of the thermoplastic market is changing rapidly. Manufacturers from all continents in the current year have prepared a number of news and above all the real applications, which clearly show the trends of today's plastic industry. Numerous fillers allow the development of specific properties. We can say that the materials are already produced as "custom made", especially in smaller compounders.

  • Production of complex plastic parts for the automotive industry
  • Medtec Medical Equipment Fair
  • Beautiful surfaces and lightweight products - a challenge for the automotive industry


Maintenance and technical diagnostics:

Reducing energy and water consumption in the automotive industry cleaning process

Najava42_6The next issue of the IRT3000 will cover, among other things, Ecoclean's news. They have significantly improved the energy-intensive system of cleaning parts in the automotive industry with a robotic cell. Energy and water consumption decreased by 30 percent at cleaning. These improvements are now being implemented by Ecoclean throughout Europe and Asia.

  • Nursery school of lubrication
  • Maintenance school
  • Cleaning methods in manufacturing


Modern technologies:

Interview with Kenric McDowell (Google Research)

Najava42_3McDowell has been working for a couple of decades at the intersection of technology and art. He currently runs the Google Research program entitled Artists + Intelligence. The program combines the research creativity of artificial intelligence (AI) among Google's AI researchers, artists and cultural institutions.

  • Microsoft's manifest to cybersecurity
  • Waymo, Google vision of self-driving future
  • Increased intelligence of IBM Watson


Joining, materiala and technologies:

Combined machine for manufacturing large and complex products

Najava42_5The latest trend is the development and application of hybrid machines, which enable the entire product to be manufactured using additive technology and material separation technology. This represents the fourth industrial revolution, which represents the next phase of digitization of the manufacturing sector. It is initiated by the development of a variety of products, that includes database upgrades, increased computer power, and easier connectivity.

  • A new generation of simulation software for additive metal products
  • Awards of the English Welding World magazine on welding
  • PyroGenesis signed NDA with Rolls-Royce


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