IRT 3000


Technical literature

B1: Applied Metal Cutting Physics – Best Practice (Slovenian translation)

The book is a practical guide about “what to do” and “how to work” in order to make the metal cutting processes more reliable, productive and profitable.


B2: Tool deterioration - practical models (Slovenian translation)

Most issues during metal cutting are related to tool wear and deterioration. This book focuses on tool deterioration and provides practical solution for the related issues. This is the book for best productivity in your workshop.


B3: Metal cutting - theories in practice (Slovenian translation)

The third book in the metal cutting series focuses on the practical aspects. It was written for the users in the modern workshops (especially for the aeronautical and energy industries).


Book Umetnost brizganja (Art of Injection Moulding)

This excellent manual deals with the processing of thermoplastic materials and draws from practical experience to help you avoid problems and faults in injection moulding.


SECOTOOLS book collection (Slovenian translation) - 2 books

For ordering two books from our SECOTOOLS collection, you will be granted a 10% discount.


SECOTOOLS book collection (Slovenian translation) - 3 books

For ordering the whole SECOTOOLS book collection (3 books), you will be granted a 15% discount.



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