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Vario Shot Xgate – Interchangeable needle-valve pre-chamber


For some years now, the particularly effective Vario Shot nozzle range from HASCO hot runner has been enjoying increase in popularity. With the interchangeable needle valve pre-chamber Vario Shot Xgate, HASCO has extended its proven nozzle portfolio.


Vario Shot Xgate simplifies maintenance

This wear resistant Xgate simplifies the maintenance of the injection moulding tool and significantly reduces the maintenance costs. The life of the gates is considerably extended and guarantees perfect moulding quality over millions of injection cycles.

Precise needle guidance with pre-centring

The easily changed pre-chamber with a compact, easy-to-produce tight fit offers precise needle guidance with pre-centring and is also highly resistant to abrasive and chemically aggressive materials.

Individually geared to applications, the two new variants of the Vario Shot Xgate offer the ideal solution, either for amorphous or for semi-crystalline plastics. The gate area and contact surfaces can be varied for application-specific temperature control.

Optimum supplement to the Vario Shot nozzle range

The needle valve pre-chamber Xgate perfectly supplements the Vario Shot range, which is noted for its compact dimensions, optimum temperature control, simple servicing, and modular design. More than 1,000 nozzle variants enable countless demanding applications, from gating on lower distributor manifolds up to high-end needle valve solutions. The wide selection of nozzle lengths with runner and individual nozzles offers an elevated level of freedom in mould design.

The HASCO hot runner team will be pleased to support its customers in the optimum coordination of the nozzles, nozzle tips and needle valve pre-chambers to the specific applications.

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