IRT 3000


Length is not everything, but – ONE meter!?!


Can you imagine what happen, if a technical team of 5 members, editorial committee of 15 members, few hundred authors from the most diverse fields and over 1.200 loyal subscribers came together!?! At IRT3000 Magazine we know the answer. ONE meter of content!


If you put together all the issues of our magazine, from the first published in 2006 until the last issue number 125, on one-meter-wide book shelf, there will be space left for just one human hair.

A total of 16 years of publishing and cooperation with excellent authors put us among prominent and recognizable players in industry, even if we are not an industrial company.

We are a source of information and knowledge, an intersection of the scientific and industrial spheres, we represent a source and reference for mechanical engineering students and students from other related sciences and also a competent interlocutor to state institutions.

We get ONE meter of content if we put all issues side by side on a book shelf, but let us mention two more interesting numbers:

  • We get 42 meters of content if we put all issues of the magazine one after another along the long edge
  • We get 5973 meters of content we put every page of each issue one after another along the long edge

Before the summer break we make a toast to the next meters and especially to all of you, many satisfied readers, that appreciate much more the quality of content instead of meters and quantity.


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