IRT 3000


Significantly enhance part quality by minimizing barrel bow


On recent blood vial applications that leveraged SYMFILL Technology, barrel bow was reduced by up to 90% (as little as 0.15mm) by eliminating core shift. SYMFILL Technology is exclusively available with Mold-Masters hot runner systems.


SYMFILL Technology significantly minimizes core shift to improve part quality (straightness) of cylindrical, centre injected components having an aggressive L/D ratio. It achieves this by allowing the melt to enter the nozzle runner channel from multiple sides as opposed to the single-entry point of traditional designs. Examples of such components that would benefit from this technology include blood tubes, needle shields, over caps and other similar parts from the medical, cosmetic and stationary industries.

Minimizing barrel bow offers many downstream processing advantages which includes:

  • Tubes roll concentrically in the labelling machine.
  • Increases final stage throughput.
  • Minimizes machine downtime.

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