IRT 3000


New technopolymer ball and roller transfer units


Elesa+Ganter product range now includes new ball and roller transfer units in acetal-based technopolymer.

Sensitive or heavy goods can be transported with the help of ball transfer units with minimum force in material handling equipment or the glass industry.

1To handle loads with delicate surfaces, Elesa+Ganter offers UTB-P ball transfer units with main ball in acetal-based technopolymer; while for loads with sharp and angular surfaces UTB-SST with ball in stainless steel is available. 

For ESD Protected Area (EPA) applications, Elesa+Ganter suggests UTB-SST-ESD ball transfer units in ESD conductive special technopolymer to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charge, black colour with main ball in stainless steel.

2For applications on transfer and conveyor lines or end of production lines UTR-P roller transfer units with roller in acetal-based technopolymer, white colour, are ideal. UTR-S with roller in soft technopolymer, blue colour, is suitable to handle loads with particularly delicate surfaces such as glass and ceramic. 

The central roller holder body, for both solutions, is free to rotate with respect to the external body and allows linear and rotary movements. Handling takes place with maximum ease and minimum effort.

Main advantages:

 maximum cleanliness thanks to the self-lubricating technopolymer structure (no lubrication required with oils or greases);
 maintenance-free;
 lightness;
 smoothness;
 low friction coefficient;
 corrosion resistant;
 resistant to dirt, dust and moisture. 

Product technical data sheets, along with drawings and tables with codes and dimensions are available on our website

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