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Schubert appointed President of the European Welding Association


During the General Assembly on June 4, 2021, the members of the European Welding Association (EWA) elected Prof. Dr. Emil Schubert as their new President. He succeeds Robert Stöckl, who held this office during the past four years. With Schubert, the EWA does not only win a true expert in welding technology but at the same time an experienced strategist and doer who, above all, wants to promote the topic of industrial safety and health protection during the coming two years of his presidency.

The Managing Director of the internationally leading company for welding and cutting technology, Alexander Binzel Schweisstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, has been Vice President of the EWA during the past four years and is working actively on the field of “Equipment” and “Health & Safety”.

“Welding is an extremely stressing profession for the human body but it is essential for the manufacture of many special products. Therefore, it is all the more important, to support and protect the welders as much as possible”, explains Prof. Dr. Emil Schubert, and in adding to the question on his strategy for the next two years of his presidency: “It is my goal to bring the two main areas of the EWA – filler metal and welding equipment – closer to each other with the activities in the field of Health & Safety so that – also in view of science and occupational medicine – we will make a big leap forward in securing healthy working conditions for the male and female welders.” 

Schubert_Emil_2021New EWA President: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Emil Schubert

The European Welding Association, founded in 1987, is an industrial association for European manufacturers of welding equipment and filler metal. It offers its member companies a platform for an exchange with expert colleagues. The activities of the different expert circles are supporting the further development in the welding technology industry. In addition, the companies and the welders are profiting from the figures, data and facts generated by the EWA.

By this election, Prof. Dr. Emil Schubert, has taken over the office from Robert Stöckl who says with respect to the new president “I congratulate my successor. I believe it is a very good thing that he as the new president has also a new agenda with the focus on Health & Safety.”

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