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Parametric CAD/CAM Waterline Automatically Adapts Based on Pre-Existing Sketches


The TopSolid 2021 mold-related software range features automatic waterline adjustment to each sketch based on user-definable rules for improved drilling and component control.

mmt-0521-products-software-topsolid-20211Photo Credit: TopSolid

New to the mold-related TopSolid 2021 CAD/CAM parametric software range (TopSolid Mold, TopSolid Progress,TopSolid Electrode and TopSolid CAM) within the TopSolid software family, is the ability to create waterlines based on pre-existing 3D sketches. 

According to the company, the sketches can be made manually or via a pattern of sketches. From there, the waterline automatically adapts each circuit to each sketch based on user-definable rules. In turn, these rules enable control over the drilling and the components that are associated to each drilling. A baffle line for example, will automatically adjust the depth based on a user-defined offset point from the nearest detected collision.  From there it will automatically put the trimmed baffle into the line. It will even automatically include o-rings if the line is intersecting multiple plates, the company notes. The newly improved command will run automatically on each instance of the sketches selected, and, as mentioned above, will automatically adapt waterline creation with components. 

As a parametric software, users have the opportunity to change the pattern as needed for the ideal results quickly and efficiently. 

Edited by Grace Nehls

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