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BOXER series industrial pcs by AAEON


AAEON, a member of the ASUS group, is a leading manufacturer of fanless, single-board industrial PCs. These excellent products could not be missing from TME’s warehouse and catalogue.

BOXER6640A11010The Boxer series PCs are designed for long-lasting, continuous and reliable operation under extreme conditions. Their main task is to streamline and optimise automation processes. The full range of AAEON PCs available from our catalogue is used in such fields as industrial production and control, environmental monitoring, transportation, intelligent buildings and access control systems, and many others.

The Boxer series is characterised by its versatility. The products in this group offer a variety of features and functionalities, so you can easily find a device that is perfectly suited to your specific application. First of all, these computers are powered by different types of processors (Intel, nVidia, as well as those based on ARM architecture), and feature a wide range of expansion options (in the case of some models up to 128GB of RAM). Users will also appreciate the choice of operating systems, as our catalogue includes models adapted for operation in Linux or Microsoft Windows environments. AAEON computers require a constant output voltage supply, however, some of them are equipped with a voltage stabiliser allowing to connect the computer to any power source – as long as its parameters are within the defined range (e.g. from 12V DC to 36V DC). BOXER solutions, fitted with passive (convection) cooling, are adapted to work in a wide range of temperatures, even from -30°C to 75°C. If the target application of the computer is the transmission of large data packages, as in real-time monitoring of numerous parameters, models compatible with gigabit Ethernet networks should be taken into account. Other supported interfaces include (depending on the model) CANBUS, USB 3.1, HDMI, mPCIe and many other, popular standards.



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