IRT 3000


New, low-leakage temperature control range


The new low-leakage HASCO temperature control program offers users maximum safety during uncoupling. It impresses with its excellent tightness and durability.

Safe and reliable coupling of cooling lines

The innovative temperature control system with flat end sealing surfaces and shuts offs on both sides enables low-leakage, clean opening and closing under pressure without media leakage.  

The one-handed quick-release couplings with a particularly long and precise guidance for the sealing nipple and guarantee safe and independent coupling with a maximum flow rate and only a low pressure drop.  

The High-quality materials 2.0401 (brass) and 1.4305 (stainless steel) make the quick-release couplings robust against vibrations and movements. The stainless-steel versions are ideal for use in medical and cleanroom-technology applications.

The couplings are also suitable for high-temperature applications as a function of the cooling medium. They guarantee a reliable and long-lasting production process and round off the extensive HASCO temperature-control program.



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