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Tool family for high feed rate milling extended with GARANT Power Q Double all-round system for high process reliability and high productivity

The Hoffmann Group has extended its product family for high feed rate milling with the addition of the GARANT Power Q Double all-round system. The new tool is being launched on the market with five types of tool body, two system sizes (09 and 14) and a comprehensive range of material grades. Besides a general-purpose grade, the GARANT Power Q Double offers grades for steel, hardened and stainless steels together with titanium. Thanks to this wide variety, the high feed milling cutter is suitable for all jobs where high process reliability and high metal removal rates are required. The GARANT Power Q Double can be ordered from 1st August in the eShop and via the Hoffmann Group 2020/2021 catalogue.

The GARANT Power Q Double is characterised by stable working processes, reduced cutting forces and optimum chip evacuation. This is achieved by an unconventional three-part cutting edge guide consisting of a wiper cutter, straight cutter and finishing cutter: The wiper cutter delivers sufficient surface quality in roughing mode; the straight cutter permits high feed rates at maximum cutting depths; the small “finishing cutter” forms short tightly rolled chips, thus preventing chip blockages in the milling system even when ramping.

Thanks to optimised embedding of the inserts the GARANT Power Q Double delivers good process reliability in all milling operations, even at large overhangs. The inserts are solidly screwed into the tool body and secured by a dove-tail profile against floating. Tool bodies are available for Weldon shanks, plain shanks, threaded connections and plug-in tools.

The GARANT Power Q Double is very sturdy and offers impressive performance capability. As for all members of the product family, the tool bodies are protected against corrosion and chip impact by a hard nickel coating. If nevertheless problems do arise, the customer is entitled during the first year to a one-off replacement for a damaged or worn cutter head. This is done simply by redeeming the Powercard supplied as standard.

The Garant Power Q product family was first launched about two years ago. It is characterised by tools that achieve the best results at very high feed rates, without any loss of process reliability. As well as the new GARANT Power Q Double, the family also includes the GARANT Power Q, which performs well on special operations such as ramping and circular interpolation milling, and which is best suited to milling operations with unbroken cutting.

GARANT_Power_Q_DoubleNew GARANT Power Q Double all-round system permits milling with high process reliability and very high feed rates. It is especially cost-effective because of the double-sided indexable inserts.

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