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Reducing single use plastic should be treated with the same urgency as climate change, says new research


New research has shown that tackling single use plastics is now seen by consumers in Britain as the number as the number one environmental priority for the Government.

190505-P4The study was conducted amongst 1,800 adults across Britain by YouGov on behalf of SodaStream, a major environmental campaigner on avoidable plastic waste. The study found that 41 per cent of respondents felt that banning single use plastics was one of the three biggest environmental priorities, followed by increasing how much was recycled, with 32 per cent, and reduced the amount of overall waste, also with 32 per cent.

16 per cent of respondents felt that reducing single use plastics was a bigger priority than tackling climate change, with 13 per cent gave the opposite view. 57 per cent felt that equal priority should be given to reducing single use plastics and tackling climate change. Daniel Birnbaum, Chief Executive of SodaStream, said: “Simply cleaning up the beaches does not solve the problem of plastic pollution.”

“We all need to take an active stance against plastic sewerage, whether we are consumer, employers, retailers, manufacturers, educational establishments or central and local government.” “The message is simple: don’t use avoidable plastic, make smarter use of sustainable alternatives, and consciously opt for less plastic.” “Reducing and eradicating avoidable plastic waste is something we can all do immediately, and it can start straight away and bring about immediate benefits to the planet, the oceans and the seas.”

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