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The public awards the most promising research student at composite challenge, the new program of jec world 2018

8- 03- 2018 06-55-46.pngWith JEC World 2018, JEC Group turns Paris into the world’s capital of composites!
This year, JEC Group has launched its latest program, the “Composite Challenge”,
adding it to the dozen or so existing programs and hundreds of organized events.
The program gives the floor to ten PhD students, allowing each one of them five minutes
to explain their research project, using a single slide. “Ever faithful to its misson, JEC Group
has set up a program based on the fact that scientific research is a powerful innovation
driver. JEC’s team of experts have homed in on the most high-tech trends and knowledge
to identify and encourage the sector’s next generation of leaders, thereby creating a new
bridge between academics and the industry,” explains JEC Group President and CEO
Frédérique MUTEL.

With an introduction by additive manufacturing expert Dayton Horvath, the ceremony included a session
on the fascinating topic of artificial intelligence.
After the promising presentations of the 10 PhDs, this is the public who had the honor to choose Alexandre
MORDASINI, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne as winner of the first Composite Challenge by
voting during the ceremony! He studies discontinuous fiber composite tubes for high-performance

JEC Group:

JEC Group is a global information and connection company in the composite sector, with a network of 250,000 professionals.
Using its information services and its local and international networks, the Group represents, promotes and develops the
markets for composite materials. Under the effect of steady growth over the past twenty years, JEC Group has forged an
international reputation, opening offices in North America and Asia. The company is wholly owned by the Center for
Promotion of Composites, a non-profit organization. The Group’s policy is to systematically reinvest its profits into the
creation of new services of benefit to the composite sector. After winning over the composite industry, JEC Group would now
8- 03- 2018 06-55-11.pnglike to extend its scope of action to new segments of the value chain, in particular manufacturers and end users. JEC Group’s
experts bring specialized knowledge and an extensive network into play to propose a full range of products and services: JEC
publications (strategic studies, technical works, and JEC Composites Magazine), the “World Market News” weekly
international e-letter, and the French-language “JEC Info Composites” e-letter. JEC Group also organizes trade shows that
include JEC World in Paris (the largest international trade show dedicated to composite materials – four times larger than any
other similar specialized event), JEC Asia in South Korea, and The Future of Composites in Construction in Chicago. Additional
services include the website, the JEC Composites Conferences, Forums and Workshops organized
in Europe, Asia and North America, and the JEC Innovation Awards program (Europe, Asia, North America, India and China).
The composite sector employs 550,000 professionals worldwide. In 2017, it generated 83 billion euros in sales.

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