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New Colines air bubble lines hit the market


2019 is witnessing the launch of what is being dubbed the ‘new generation’ of extrusion lines for air bubble film, according to Italy-based extrusion company Colines S.p.A.

190528-P7The starting point of the revolution introduced by Colines is the twin screw extruder, not only capable of guaranteeing a 20 per cent energy saving (tested on a line in regular production), but also enabling the user to process resin blends, as well as a high quantity of recycled material without compromising on quality. Another opportunity when adopting a twin screw extruder is the ability to introduce mineral charges directly into the extruder, to produce high grammages with significantly reduced production costs.

After a special restyling, the bubble-forming calender can make very light films (below 30 gsm) at really high speeds (up to 120m/min) without the need for casting cylinders and avoiding ovalisation. The new lines offer the possibility to produce a range of films from 30 to 400 gsm while maintaining the option to install a third layer lamination unit (either in- or off-line), suitable also to laminate special products such as foam, again at notably high speeds.

Due to the adoption of the newest technologies available in the industry, the Duplex Plus winder can boast leading edge features, such as extremely fast change cycle times; a fully automatic core loading system; automatic unloading of the reel from the side or front; and two cross-cutting options (tapeless or with hot melt), amongst other features. According to Colines, the ability to design and manufacture custom-made lines that address customers’ demands ensure easy accessibility to electronic equipment for ordinary maintenance.

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