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Nampak Inspection & Coding Systems new Partner of Sesotec in South Africa


Since 1 June 2018 Sesotec GmbH has a new partner in South Africa with Nampak Inspection & Coding Systems. The partnership relates to the "Inspection Division" and primarily concentrates on the food sector, but it is also planned to utilise the existing potential in the plastics industry and to conquer regional markets with active campaigns.

190408-P2At the ProPak Africa trade fair that was held in Johannesburg from 12 to 15 March 2019 Sesotec presented the VARICON+W metal detection system with INTUITY metal detection coil, and the RAYCON EX1 X-ray scanner at the Nampak trade fair stand. Potential customers were impressed by the performance and ease of use of these systems. In the opinion of both Sesotec and Nampak the trade fair appearance was a great success.

In addition to sales and distribution, service is another strong point of Nampak, which is why Nampak also will perform local service for Sesotec metal detection and X-ray systems.

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