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Sales increased in 2018


The Meusburger Group, headquartered in Wolfurt, finishes 2018 with a turnover of 308 million euros. The internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality products for the tool, mould and machine construction industry is thus recording an increase in turnover of around 6 percent. In addition to the already proven knowledge management method WBI, the company also equipped itself for the future with the purchase of the software expert Segoni in the field of digitisation.

190303-P3The Meusburger Group, headquartered in Wolfurt, achieved sales of 308 million euros in 2018, an increase of around 6 percent over the previous year. The increase in sales is attributable to the implementation of various strategic measures: in addition to expanding the product portfolio to 93,000 articles for tool, mould and machine construction, the focus in 2018 was on expanding the sales team and digitisation.

In the current year, the Meusburger Group is paying particular attention to the area of service in addition to the expansion and optimisation of the product portfolio. In order to serve the approximately 21,000 active customers worldwide even better, the expansion of the sales team will be continued in 2019. True to the motto "Everything from a single source", the cooperation between the group members Meusburger and PSG will be further intensified in addition to the area of digitization. "These measures guarantee customers long-term planning security with the Meusburger Group as a reliable and global partner in the tool, mould and machine construction sector," says Managing Director Guntram Meusburger.

A decisive success factor of the Meusburger Group is the structured handling of corporate knowledge. With the knowledge management method WBI (better integration of knowledge) developed by Meusburger and lived daily, the loss of important know-how through forgetting or the resignation of employees is prevented. With the method and a specially developed software, the resource knowledge is recorded, distributed, further developed and secured. In this way, it forms the basis for innovation and sustainable economic success in companies and organisations in the long term.

And Guntram Meusburger has a positive outlook for the next few years: "Thanks also to the investments in the area of digitisation, we are strategically very well positioned and thus even better able to support our customers along the entire value chain of tool, mould and machine construction. I am therefore very confident that we will achieve our long-term sales targets with the path we have taken."

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