IRT 3000


Cleaning and charging station for shavers


“Energetic, cooperative and expert; that is how customers characterise their collaboration with Rompa. In a competitive market, the cleaning and charging stations must meet high standards. With the help of strict process control and 100% inspection, we can guarantee the delivery of reliable and visually flawless products.”

Injection moulding, soldering, assembly, PCBA design, production and assembly in ESD-room, decoration and sourcing


The market leaders in the shaving industry impose high visual and functional requirements for their cleaning and charging stands. Rompa’s engineering departments in the Netherlands and China collaborated with the customers on the development of production of this high quality shaving accessory. We design, produce and assemble the electronics within our own facility. We supervise the purchase of metal components and their assembly into the final product. We put a logo on the final products by means of pad printing. Finally, we developed a smart packaging construction that protects the product from damage during transit.


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