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IRT3000 83-84/2018

Although almost everyone in the industry today is talking about the industry's trend of 4.0, which companies have not adopted jet, its successor is already on the horizon - Industry 5.0. At a time when we connect robots, systems, machines, a wide variety of devices and data within production environments, the technological edge already shows the beginning of the next stage of development. Uvodnik_83_84.pdf

IRT3000 82/2018

You read it right. Indicators that have shown, in the last decades primarily in one direction – to the relocation of production of all types into countries with lower labor costs are slowly, but steadily turning. Actually, production activities in Europe and in the US are strengthened due to ever more advanced technologies, which companies ultimately need to remain competitive. Introduction_IRT3000_82.pdf

IRT3000 81/2018

Certainly not, at least not for everyone. Digital Darwinism seems to be quite inexorable to analogous beings and things.Today, many people do not even think about the technology of the future... But we should. The Industrial and Technological Revolutions teaches us through history the facts, ... Uvodnik_IRT3000_81.pdf

IRT3000 79/2018

During the summer holidays I had plenty of time to read and on one of this days that was really hot outside, i read the news that made me think. The news revealed the participation of the University of Harvard and the manufacturer of the prestigious Rolls Royce cars. Namely, the aforementioned actors at to me unknown Farnborough Airshow Fair presented a vision in the field of maintenance technology in the automotive industry and aviation - Rolls Royce is one of the largest manufacturers of aero-engines. Uvodnik 79-80.pdf

IRT3000 78/2018

These lines are created only a few hours before the opening match of the World Cup in football. There will be no Slovene football team in Russia, but the football enthusiasm is also felt in Slovenia, where for some male representatives time slows down from mid-June and mid-July if it does not even stop, because of this big event. Football, as the most popular sport on this planet, is a big deal. Editorial_78.pdf

IRT3000 77/2018

Statistics can be the biggest lie, as can the message behind the numbers and percentages, be viewed from different angles. Well, for some standardized indicators, interpretation is uniform, and there is very little room for manipulation if there is any space at all. Uvodnik_77.pdf  

IRT3000 76/2018

April is the time of the year when individuals and businesses face the "phenomenon", called spring fatigue. You may not know, but the best thing you can do against it, is not to rest, but be physically activite. Uvodnik 76.pdf

IRT3000 75/2018

A few days ago I was with my colleagues and we got into an interesting conversation about whether the world has enough geniuses and what should have changed, that there would be more of them. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and the like are not just ordinary people… Editorial 75.pdf

IRT3000 74/2018

When reading the daily news, I found the information published at the World Economic Forum, which says that as many as 65 percent of the services and professions that future primary school pupils will do in the future do not exist yet. So, how should young people prepare/educate for them? Editorial_IRT3000_74.pdf

IRT3000 73/2018

This editorial is being written in mid-January, when the crypto coin and crypto token markets are all in the red. Supposedly for the third time in a row. The media report about the halving of value of the majority of crypto assets. But on the other hand, factories and workers keep on working and most of the people do not pay attention to their world at all. They must feed themselves and their families. Uvodnik_IRT3000_73.pdf

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