IRT 3000



IRT3000 48/2013

• ABB Trios among the basketball players
• NIDays 2013 conference a hit among domestic experts
• Clinched joints open doors to new markets
• Slovenian know-how dictates the development of small home appliances
• K 2013 – the world of plastics summoned
• Engel: taking control of the maintenance costs
• Evolution of dimension measurement
• Environmentally friendly ICT
• Using 3D-displays to interact with customers
• 1017 exhibitors from 40 countries come to the international fair for

IRT3000 47/2013

• Protecting homes with mobile devices
• Let a millimetre really be a millimetre
• Specialists for the testing technologies
• 7 characteristics of a good high-flexibility cable
• Doping: a dark alley with several side exits
• Bioplastics – an alternative with a future?
• MEDICA and COMPAMED fairs in Düsseldorf from 20. to 22./23. November
• Office in the cloud live at MOS 2013 fair
• Molecular detectives
• From ore to wind farms
• 3D-technologies in R&D and production

IRT3000 46/2013

• 5. Industrial Forum IRT 2013: Innovation and Entrepreneurship are key to success
• Solving three-dimensional and other technical challenges
• Robot cell for plasma pretreatment and application of adhesive-sealing compound to built-in elements of motor homes
• Mobile technology meets the LabVIEW environment
• Plastiblow co-extrusion
• Arburg conference celebrates 50 years of PIM expertise
• Reliable measurements require accuracy and precision
• Technologies for seniors
• Quick and accessible simulations

IRT3000 45/2013

• Industry and toolmakers walk hand in hand
• Technical advancement cannot be taken for granted
• ABB delivers car body framing solution for today’s flexible needs
• Laser sensor is distinguished by the sensing stability, simple operation and robust design
• Witmann Battenfeld competence days: »Power for the future«
• Determining the content of glass fibre in polymer materials
• 4 M&Q Conference - metrology and quality
• Research without borders
• Simply smarter consumer electronics

IRT3000 44/2013

• Luxury infiniti with Slovenian LED fog lights
• It has been a while since we were classical toolmakers
• Simulation of semi-finished product manufacturing process helps shape optimal production plans
• Crossbar robot retrofit raises the bar on pressline productivity
• Testing in LOTRIČ Certificiranje accredited laboratory
• Energy concept as a competitive advantage
• 2012 Republic of Slovenia Award for Business Excellence
• Upgrading the infrastructure
• SolidWorks World 2013
• Parker

IRT3000 43/2013

• Investment in three new machines helps boost competitiveness and cut new deals
• Own development puts a manufacturer in the league of European giants
• ITM uses an autonomous NI CompactDAQ system to test truck exhaust systems
• Energy consumption under the magnifying glass
• Lower weight, higher quality
• Small sensor, great technology
• Interview: Matjaž Lindič MSc., Head of Metrology Department at Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ)
• Year of modest recovery
• Information brings

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