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IRT3000Adria 57/2021

Happy new year!
What should happen to make us really happy next year? The first and foremost is tax cuts. All kinds of taxes and parafiscal levies, under whatever name they are disguised. The second will come from the first - we will invest more in newer and better machines and plants, so production will become more efficient and cheaper, "greener". Editorial-57.pdf

IRT3000Adria 56/2021

2020 - not everything is so black The Croatian Chamber of Commerce has started publishing analyses of the economy's operations by counties for 2020. We randomly took two such analyses, for Dubrovnik-Neretva County (DNŽ) and Brod-Posavina County (BPŽ). Editorial- 56.pdf

IRT3000Adria 55/2021

HGK in the spiral of death Membership in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will be free for all small companies - according to what is known so far, this is the most important amendment to the Law on the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The membership fee would be paid by medium and large companies, which would lead to a huge drop in the income of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Indeed, more than 95% of the members of the Chamber are micro and small companies. Editorial- 55.pdf

IRT3000Adria 54/2021

Croatia 2030 - wishes and greetings Hooray! After a number of years, we got a strategy. As it is, it is called the National Development Strategy (NRS) of the Republic of Croatia until 2030 ( Based on it, other strategic documents are adopted, primarily those that are urgent (due to the corona crisis) and those that will be used to withdraw money from EU funds. Therefore, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NPOO) is a priority, the adoption of which reveals that the government again does not consult with entrepreneurs when it comes to strategic documents.  Editorial

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