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Nensi Kereš
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General terms of advertising 2020:


Material deliviery dedlines

The advertising space can be booked and the advertising materials will be accepted until the beginning of the month of publication:

number deadline for ad delivery planned issue date
issue No. 50 28.2.2020 30.3.2020
issue No. 51 5.6.2020 29.6.2020
issue No. 52 4.9.2020 30.09.2020
issue No. 53 13.11.2020 15.12.2020


Advertising fees IRT3000 ADRIA

(excluding VAT)

Front cover 880,00 €
Front extended cover 660,00 €
Inside extended cover 620,00 €
Inside front cover 620,00 €
Inside back cover 660,00 €
Back cover 825,00 €
Extended cover (2 pages) 1.210,00 €
whole page 550,00 €
two thirds of a page, portrait 440,00 €
one third of a page, portrait 275,00 €
half a page, landscape 330,00 €
one third of a page, landscape 275,00 €
one quarter of a page, landscape 165,00 €
one sixth of a page, landscape 110,00 €
Logo on the front page and on the internet 104,00 €
Design of ads:  
design of an A4 ad 99,00 €
design of an A5 ad (or smaller) 77,00 €
Other forms of advertising:
Promotional inserts (the final price for material will be determinated
together with the client based upon weight of material)
Promotional inserts - A4 (both-sided) 1.050,00€
Promotional inserts - A3 (both-sided) 1.590,00 €
Company presentation 3 x A4 550,00 €

Discounts for repeated publication (signing the advertisement contract) in IRT3000 ADRIA:

three (3) or four (4) publications in the magazine - 20 %
two (2) publications in the magazine - 10 %


The IRT3000 magazine is a full-colour, A4 format magazine. The advertisements are reviewed and proof-read before they are published. The magazine is printed on 90 g paper, the cover is printed on plasticized, 150 g paper. The editorial board can provide help to clients in preparing their advertisements. The ads are designed according to the requirements and as agreed upon with the client. The advertisements have to be delivered in CMYK format in 300 dpi resolution.



About magazine IRT3000 ADRIA

Magazine is published 4 times per year
Volume: more than 180 pages + envelop

Circulation: 3.000 copies
1745 subscribers of printed edition of IRT3000 ADRIA
365 copies for promotion of IRT3000 ADRIA magazine
890 subscribers of IRT3000 ADRIA e-magazine

The magazine is distributed to Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia and the countries of our advertisers; free copies are distributed to libraries in the listed countries and interested vocational schools.

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