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New IKARBUS bus made on Mercedes chassis and developed on Dassault Systèmes PLM Platform is released into traffic


The new IKARBUS bus developed on the Mercedes chassis has been released into traffic and is ready for intercity passenger transportation.

Satisfied customer, Arriva company took over the bus and wished safe and comfortable travels as well a lot of mileage to all future passengers. The last time we visited the IKARBUS production plant, we found employees working hard on the development of the bus prototype on Mercedes chassis, the IK-312 MB bus model.


This bus is powered by an ecological engine with Euro 6 tag, 7.7 liters volume and 299 horsepower, while the six-speed manual gearbox is in charge of the transmission. Lane departure warning system (LDWS) and Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) are in charge of passenger safety.

After detail analysis of the design methodology, the Mercedes company which is the world's leading manufacturer in the automotive industry, known for its luxury vehicles, buses, trucks, and off-road vehicles, gave their confidence to Ikarbus company to develop and manufacture this bus. Strategic cooperation agreement enabled that the bus designed on the Mercedes chassis is adorned with recognizable Mercedes's three-spoke star.

[Mercedes IK-312 MB s prednje strane]

The overall 3D model of the IK-312MB bus for intercity transport was developed on Dassault Systèmes CAT3DX PLM Platform. During the design and manufacture of prototypes, the basic CATIA modules were used, as well as advanced PLM technologies, which are used to track and optimize designs, improve the overall design and manufacturing process. A unique platform ensures traceability of information, achieving quality and reducing total production costs. 

The attractive look of the bus is the result of IKARBUS designers proficiency to use Dassault Systèmes advanced tools for complex surface design. The new IKARBUS bus made on the Mercedes chassis is equally attractive from the inside and from the outside.

The complexity of the bus design process requires engineer expertise, as well as adequate tools such as used by the IKABBUS engineering team. Dassault Systèmes CAT3DX PLM Platform enabled engineering team to respond quickly to all challenges of this complex project.

Significant progress of IKARBUS company development and production has been contributed by a strategic decision in 2006th to deploy designing process on the most advanced PLM Dassault Systèmes CATIA3DX Platform.
A partner of Dassault Systèmes company,  CADCAM Group company member from Belgrade implemented this PLM software and together with IKARBUS team worked on improving the knowledge, skills, and methodology of work. Significant progress of design and production preparation processes have been achieved and enabled IKARBUS engineers to deliver their knowledge in the best possible way and to reduce the time of product development as well as production costs.



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