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Toolmaking and machine building:

Tool, pattern and mould makers have a home

Najava71_1.jpgThe second Moulding Expo fair at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre raised the successful concept to the next level. With 763 exhibitors who attracted more than 14,000 visitors from all over Germany, Europe and many other countries of the world to Stuttgart, the trade fair is becoming established as a new home for the tool, pattern and mould making industry.

  • SCHUNK TRIBOS system
  • VertiMaster AERO 25 machining center for the aerospace industry
  • Interview with a representative of Hoffmann Group


Manufacturing and Logistics:

Robots and tools growing together

Najava71_2.jpgManufacturing of tools is expected to become even more cost-efficient, quick and precise in the future. Smaller batches increase the costs of new tools for machines, and the labour costs per unit are rising. To fit this trend, companies have often moved their manufacturing operations to countries with lower labour costs. On the other hand, customers are demanding highly individualised products, delivered in the shortest period possible.

  • A new flagship for quick-change pallet technology
  • Individual bin-picking system for chaotically lying parts
  • Flexible micro shot blasting machine


Physical foaming technologies

Najava71_3.jpgInjection moulding technologies are available in several variants. One of them, increasingly being used in the automotive industry, is the foam injection moulding technology. The MuCell (Trexel) technology involves injecting a propellant into the plastic melt during plasticising, which results in the formation of a fine-celled foam structure. This method reduces the raw material required to fill the mould and the weight of the component. Foaming also acts as back pressure upon cooling, reducing the risk of faults (shrinkage) in the product.

  • TEMPRO plus D temperature controller with the SpeedDrive option
  • Micro injection moulding for medical products – Compamed fair
  • New PA Ultramid for high gloss


Maintenance and technical diagnostics:

Modern solutions for the food industry and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Najava71_4.jpgIn the next issue of IRT3000, we are going to present Baumüller’s solutions for the food industry. We are going to present a high-torque motor with extremely low heating and a stainless steel flange for simple cleaning. We are also going to describe a modern diagnostics and communication platform related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Nursery school of lubrication
  • Maintenance school
  • Cleaning methods in manufacturing


Advanced Technologies:

Every third attack on industrial computers takes place in a manufacturing company

Najava71_5In the first half of 2017, cyberthreats in industrial environments have mostly focused on manufacturing companies. Computers used in industrial control systems have been the target in approximately one third of all attacks. These facts have been made public in Kaspersky Lab’s semi-annual report titled 'Threat Landscape for Industrial Automation Systems in H1 2017'. The peak of attackers’ activity happened in March, and then the number of attacks gradually dropped from April to June.

  • Competition at Ars Electronica
  • Spirites, the smallest satellite orbiting Earth
  • A vision for urban transport


Joining, materials and technologies

Conventional and digital radiography in the pharmaceutical industry

Najava71_6.jpgDigital radiography is used for detecting defects in weld joints, assuring the necessary quality of images according to the standards. This article proves that digital radiography can replace conventional (analogue) radiography in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Processes to improve corrosion resistance of stainless steels
  • Weldasistant - the easy way to WPS
  • Joining, Cutting and Surfacing fair in Düsseldorf



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