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Najava76-1.jpgFamily of clamping tools SCHUNK KONTEC KSC Basic-Line is known for its large clamping forces, ease of use, short setting times and excellent price/performance ratio. SCHUNK, the leading manufacturer of gripping systems and clamping technology, now extends its modular system with SCHUNK KONTEC KSC-D, light and flat double clamping tool, designed especially for demanding applications in automated machining centres with workpieces storage.

Napovednik77_1.jpgThe Schröder Group PowerBend Industrial bending machines are motorized and very robust and are suitable for bending sheet steel up to a thickness of 6 mm. This type of machine was designed not only for continuous use in serial production, but also for the processing of small batches and individual pieces. Different advantages, such as hydraulic clamping of tools on both sides, allow the operator to operate comfortably.

  • Manufacturing of automotive parts made out of plastic
  • Manufacturing of plastic parts for medical equipment
  • Quality assurance of packaging materials
  • File formats for 3D printing have to be developed together with the industry
  • Milling head with removable inserts for machining gears
  • New solutions for measuring the geometry of pipes and wires



Najava76-2.jpgThe German company ITAG beside other products also produces ball valves and shut-off valves for the natural gas and crude oil sector. These valves are in their lifetime subjected to aggressive media and acids, which can damage vital parts in half a year, even though their life time is expected to be twenty-five years.

Napovednik77_2.jpgIn the last days of May, the Plast 2018 Plastics Fair will be held at the Milan Fairgrounds. Numerous companies that are well known to the Slovene industry will exhibit. At the fair, in addition to injection molding machines, blow-molding machines, thermoforms, machines for additive production, thermoplastics manufacturers and suppliers of all peripheral equipment will be presenting their products - robots, manipulators, belts, driers, mixers, dispensers, masterbatch etc. Before you go to the fair you can in the following article read what will the most known companies in the Slovenian industry present at the fair.

  • Sandvik invests $ 25 million in the construction of a factory for the production of titanium and nickel dust particles
  • Laser system for manual welding and reparation welding of company  LaserStar
  • Wittmann Temperature control unit Tempro plus D
  • Hybrid Allrounder 820 H with a shut-off force of 4,000 kN
  • New barrier thermoplast PBT



Najava76-3.jpgIn the next issue of the IRT3000, recommendations to determine the optimum temperature and viscosity range of the hydraulic fluid in relation to the ambienttemperature in which the device operates, will be presented. The influence of the temperature and viscosity of the liquid on the life-time of a hydraulic device will also be presented. The excessive temperature of the hydraulic fluid reflect in the reduction of life-time of the entire system.

"Napovednik77_3.jpgRacing cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win the race. "said Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari founder and visionary, who decided to create perfect racing machines with a small but successful team. Although the famous automotive giant from Maranello today celebrates 70 years of passion, glamor, innovation in technology and design, their work in the future is focused mainly on luxury cars.

  • Lubrication school
  • Methods of cleaning in production processes
  • Electronics in diagnostics and maintenance processes
  • 3D-printed programmable cells are for the first time living devices
  • A new method to start small electronic devices
  • HP's 3D camera


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