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February 2018

March 2018



Najava4_72.jpgSCHUNK continues with the expansion of the 24 V modular system for assembly automation. Soon, the most compact electrical drilling unit in the world will be available - SCHUNK EGS in size 40. It will enable manipulation and rotation in extremely compact rooms for part that weigh up to 0.55 kg. Patented assemblies for movement transfer SCHUNK enable continuous rotation of the gripper without any electrical wiring.

Najava73-1The company Meopta – optika s. r. o. was founded in 1933 in the Czech Republic under the then-name Optikotechna. The company develops and manufactures optical and opto-mechanical products. First, their range of products covered magnifying lenses, glasses, binoculars, and cameras. They later also started making periscopes and optical systems for military purposes. Meopta – optika s. r. o. manufactures all these products with ultra-precision machines by HERMLE.
  • System integration
  • netTAP 50 – a low cost connection module for industrial automation
  • Multisensor measurements by Hexagon
  • LANXESS improved quality and durability of coolant lubricants
  • PaintExpo fair, a leading fair in the field of coating technology




Lately, the trend of manufacturing and using hybrid machines has appeared. These machines would enable the manufacture of the entire product by using additive technologies and technologies of material removal techniques. This means the fourth industrial revolution, which represents the next phase of digitalisation of the manufacturing sector. It is driven by the development on different areas, which include increase of databases, increase of computing power and easier connectivity. This is greatly contributed by analytical and business intelligence and improved interaction between man and machine.

INajava73-2n the last few years, there has been a big emphasis on the prefix “bio” in the field of plastics. There are numerous variants. Some of them have completely the same meanings, others are completely different even for everyday users, and some of them are different only for manufacturers. What individual terms “bio” mean and represent, which labels can be used to mark them, which of them can be recycled, etc., all this is briefly presented in the article below.

  • Simufact has presented the new generation of the simulation software for additive manufacture of metallic products.
  • Awards by the English magazine Welding World in the area of welding for the second time
  • Thermoplastics intended for use of “clean” water
  • NPE fair
  • Open applications for the K fair 2019



Najava6_72.jpgThe next issue of IRT3000 will, among other things, present the novelties of the company Ecoclean. They have visibly improved the energy-consuming system of car parts in automotive industry with the robotic cell. They have decreased energy and water consumption at cleaning for 30 per cent. These improvements are now being implemented by Ecoclean in Europe and Asia.

Najava73-3TaihuLight is the fastest supercomputer in the world. With 93 quadrillion calculations in a second, the system in the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi is almost three times faster than he pursuer, the Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-2. China owns more than 40% of computer system among the fastest 500 devices in the world.

  • Maintenance school
  • Methods of cleaning in manufacturing
  • Electronics in diagnostics and maintenance
  • Technology in the grip of emotional intelligence
  • Silicon photonics is eliminating copper wires
  • Workstations for CAD-tools

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