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Toolmaking and machine building:

The development of lighter vehicles results in lower fuel consumption

Najava41_1.jpgThe lighter the vehicle, the farther it can drive with one litre of fuel. This is a guideline for four four new projects aimed at reducing the weight of vehicle components. The projects are conducted under the auspices of the US Lightweight Materials Consortium. Four projects will be carried out: Light brakes, Carbon coatings, Mitigating magnesium corrosion and Tooling for extruding alloys.

  • Economy of 3D printing
  • New catalogues of Hoffmann Group
  • Lathe headstock for efficient production of small and medium series


Production and logistics:

SCHUNK extends its modular system for workpiece direct clamping

Najava41_2.jpgThe SCHUNK VERO-S quick-change pallet modules offer a whole bundle of advantages for users when it comes to direct workpiece clamping without interfering contours. SCHUNK further extends its modular system for workpiece direct clamping in order to ensure that the efficient principle will also work in the field of tool and mold making industries for free-form parts with complex geometries.

  • 100% quality control and flexibility in production
  • Industry 4.0 brings a number of benefits!



The future of automobile industry is coming

Najava41_3.jpgThe list of attendees at the ENGEL trend.scaut 2017 reads like a who’s who of the international automobile industry. More than 500 development and production managers, managing directors and market analysts attended the two-day conference at the end of June in Linz and St. Valentin, Austria, where they discussed trends and challenges, presented new technologies and shared their visions for the future. “The very positive feedback from the attendees confirms once again how important this event is.“

  • Ultramid and Ultradur top column module for BMW 3 to 7 series
  • FIPA grippers handle the most sensitive injection moulded products
  • New Ewikon hot runners for demanding technical products


Maintenance and technical diagnostics:

Controlling vacuum

Najava41_4.jpgIn the next issue of IRT3000 magazine, we will present a process and equipment for residual gas measurement and analysis. Pfeiffer as a leading provider will present its mass spectrometer, an indispensable tool for residual gas analysis, which reduces the operating costs and improves productivity.

  • Little school of lubrication
  • Maintenance school
  • Cleaning methods in manufacturing


Modern technologies:

Ars Electronica 2017 Festival

Najava41_5.jpgWe are going to visit the festival of science, technology, art and society in Linz. This year’s main theme “Artificial Intelligence - The Other I” once again poses questions about the accumulation of scientific and economic power, relocating scientific research from the elite universities and defence industry into the expanding private sector.


  • Spirites, the smallest satellite orbiting Earth
  • Laser technology – hope for treatment of hematologic conditions


Joining, materiala and technologies:

Impressions from Joining, Cutting and Surfacing fair in Düsseldorf

Najava41_6.jpgJoining, Cutting and Surfacing fair to be held from 25–29 September 2017 in Düsseldorf will showcase the latest innovations in joining, cutting and surface treatment, as well as solutions and vision for future welding technologies. A focus on Industry 4.0 is expected.. World news and trends in sensor technology, automation and robotization will be presented.

  • Stainless filler materials - challenge or classics
  • Manufacturing special components for the automotive industry
  • Additive manufacturing technologies at the 25th International Conference on Materials and Technology


Selected topics

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