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Toolmaking and machine building:

New functions for mill turning

Najava1.jpgOPEN MIND Technologies AG has released the latest version of their hyperMILL® 2017.1 CAM system. Users have got numerous new features and optimization tools, which make programming faster. The software development company has also made key improvements to their own CAD software for CAM solutions, called hyperCAD®-S.

  • Production balance is required for successful machiningt
  • Only sky is the limit for highly accurate processing
  • Requirements for machining machines


Production and logistics:

New bonding technology drives the automotive industry

Najava2.jpgIn the entire adhesives industry, the targeted chemistry expands rapidly and affects applications in the automotive industry and medicine. Many of the adhesive manufacturers with such penetration ensure less complex assembly, saving time and money while reducing the number of production processes required.

  • Mobile Robotics for Internal Logistics
  • A new generation of non-cooled pressure cylinder sensors
  • Investors invest millions in On Robot



»Smart« injection moulding machines

Najava3.jpgDuring the last decade, injection moulding machines development has given most emphasis on energy-efficient consumption. But over the last five years, there has been more and more program shortcuts that should be used by technologists and injection moulding machines programmers in solving everyday problems in adjusting the parameters.

  • Recycling in EU
  • SmartPower and MicroPower with hot runner systems
  • Manifold increases patient safety


Maintenance and technical diagnostics:

Industrial cleaning with dry steam

najava4.jpgThe use of water vapor as a cleaning agent and disinfection goes far into the past (17th century). It is still irreplaceable in the food and confectionery industry, in cleaning objects and in transport. The term "dry steam" has been created with modern technology, which allows the use of steam with less than 5% water content.

  • Visualization of downtime and maintenance planning
  • Testing of hydraulic filters from different manufacturers
  • Process oriented dimensioning of water purification systems


Modern technologies:

Maturation of technologies

Najava5.jpgAt a time when technological advances are getting faster, consumer electronics always come up with new things that are hard to predict whether they will be accepted or forgotten. And teenagers grow up...


  • In a sign of the Internet of things
  • (R)evolution in production
  • Diamond cutting with ultrasound pulse laser


Joining, materiala and technologies:

Large-diameter plastic pipes milled to perfection


Production of plastic components, such as underground pipes, is a specialty of Finnish company Uponor Infra. With its Weholite product, the company has developed and patented a solution for producing plastic pipes of a length of several meters and diameters up to 3.5 meters. These large pipes are used, for example, for gravity drainage systems, sewers, sub-field ducts, drainage systems and low-pressure applications.

  • Fronius and documentation of the welding process
  • 3D printing of metal products
  • Inspection robot in the aviation industry


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